Natural way to remove acne scars on face

Acne scars have healed normally black, red marks and scars in the form holes or also called acne scars. There are several natural ways to remove acne scars. Acne scars can indeed make confidence down. But that acne is also easily treated, the patient should perform the steps correctly so that when the pimples heal, the scar can be removed.

Acne is not treated or allowed to heal itself will usually leave the acne scars were visible. Acne should be treated and not push-push because it will aggravate the inflammation. If inflammation occurs in the skin that hurt more so the more stubborn scars.

Black acne scars are usually the most easily cured with creams that contain bleach. Redness of acne scars is more difficult to overcome but can be tried with the preparation containing azelaic acid or laser therapy.

While acne acne scar is the most difficult, and usually are very rarely found complete recovery. Some ways can be tried by Peeling, techniques Percutaneous Collagen Induction (Dermalpunch / dermaroller), or the most advanced as well with laser therapy.

But there are some natural ways you can do to remove acne scars:

1. Sandalwood powder made pasta

Sandalwood powder can work miraculously to cover the pores of the skin of acne scars. The trick dab on acne scars before bed and use overnight, then rinse with cold water in the morning. Use the routine will get great results.

2. Sandalwood powder mixed with rose water

The trick dab on acne scars before bed and use overnight then rinse with cold water in the morning. But if the skin becomes dry, try to add the mixture of sandalwood powder milk and use only a few hours just do not have all night.

3. Ice cube

Pores of the skin after suffering from acne usually become enlarged. To fasten it to the rub-rub ice cubes on the face for 15 minutes.

4. Tomatoes and cucumbers

Rub the skin with the inside of cucumber or tomato to the face is another way of removing acne scars. Let stand for 15 minutes then rinse with clean water. Tomatoes not only shrink the pores but also removes blackheads and suitable for the treatment of oily skin.

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