Healthy Aging For Women

Aging is a natural process, but there are challenges as we grow older. Most women are very sensitive to aging, they turn back the clock when stating their age, those that can afford to do so purchase all types of elixirs and creams with anti-aging properties in an effort to reverse wrinkles and other body functions that change or slow down with aging. Unfortunately, every day that we grow older is considered aging; as such the best recommendation is simply to age gracefully by adapting healthy habits that will assist women enjoy getting older both physically and mentally.

Aging causes the body to experience both mental and physical stress that were not noticeable before the age of 65 years old. Social changes begin to take place as work invariably ceases at this age, and therefore a lifestyle change is inevitable. Making these transitions can be quite traumatic, but there are ways to overcome them. Ideas to help women live a long and healthy life will be discussed in this article.

Women of all ages should always make certain they eat nutritious food and exercise regularly. This becomes far more important with aging. Daily intake of fruits and vegetables are very important, as well as protein which is essential for a healthy diet. Berries play an important role in prolonging cognitive abilities and motor functions. Strawberries, black and blue berries also cranberries or a combination of these, should be eaten every day, either frozen or fresh. Foods that will keep your skin looking healthy and wrinkle free are red peppers, pine nuts, oranges, basically any fruit or vegetable rich in vitamin C. The elasticity in your skin can also be prolonged by consuming a variety of nuts and oils with linoleic, linolenic and oleic acids, otherwise popularly known as Omega 3 acids.

Another outstanding food is cocoa, which is high in phytochemicals that slows down aging. Cocoa is the main property in dark chocolate and is best in its natural unsweetened form, as excessive sugar intake with this product will not benefit your body. Green and black teas are secondary to the goodness of cocoa, even though they are excellent antioxidants that should be taken regularly.

Perhaps the most beneficial and economical food to eat on a daily basis are green leafy vegetables that are raw or mildly steamed. This eaten twice every day will make a big difference in improving memory loss also motor functions to an aging body.

Fish is essential and should be eaten two or three times each week. It will keep your mental abilities strong, and supply the protein needed for proper bodily functions. Add walnuts to your diet also, this maintains and improves motor functions as well as cognitive abilities.

Exercise is very important in slowing down the aging process for women. Bones are kept strong, so are muscles and joints with regular exercise. As women grow older their ability to do certain exercises change. Seeking the help of a personal trainer is a good idea, also discussing this with your doctor helps. The brain and body function much better with regular exercise.

Games and social interaction with your peers can be a big help. This keeps your mind active and prevents memory from slowing down when it is being used in a relaxed yet demanding way. Take up a hobby that you enjoy, or become a volunteer helping people. Keeping your mind and body active will slow down aging, and also prolong life.

Every aging woman needs to have a doctor with whom she can confide in and discuss changes in her body or mental state as she grows older. Your doctor should be open to questions, and answers given should be easily understood. This relationship should begin as early as menopause continuing into retirement and old age. Needless to say, having the same doctor through these stages may not occur, you may change location and doctors retire. However, try to find a doctor who understands aging and is interested in the process.

There are many questions that arise at different levels of aging for women, these include treatments for aging diseases as in diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, cancer to name a few. Digestive systems are often conducive to problems so are intestinal diseases. Having regular medical checkups is important as well as paying visits to specialists for bones, eyes and hearing loss. Having a primary care physician who is cognizant of women’s problems, which have not been taken seriously by many doctors in the past, with whom you can converse and is willing to refer you for specialized treatment if needed, is an essential component in healthy aging for all women.

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