Effects of Sleep Deprivation

There are some relatively obvious side-effects of sleep deprivation that we can all recognize. Grumpiness and lack of concentration are only two of the many downsides to not getting a good nights sleep.

Effects of sleep deprivation:

  1. Causes accidents – Lack of sleep causes a lack of concentration that can lead to catastrophic accidents at home, work or on the road. Nodding off at the wheel can cause car accidents, that’s obvious. But there are several jobs that need total concentration, such as air traffic controller, pilot, a police officer and many more.
  2. Makes you dumb – Okay, not entirely stupid, but lack of sleep does affect your concentration and decision-making ability. It’s harder to be efficient when you’re dealing with a lack of decision-making ability.
  3. Serious health problems – Lack of sleep can be detrimental to your health. Heart disease, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, and stroke are only some of the health problems that can arise as a side-effect of sleepless nights.
  4. Lack of sex drive – Depleted energy and sleepiness are directly related to a lack of enthusiasm in the bedroom.
  5. Depression – Sleep deprivation is directly related to depression. Lack of sleep hinders the production of serotonin in the brain and leads to sadness.
  6. Aging skin – Lack of sleep can lead to bags under the eyes and dark circles as well as fine lines and dull skin.
  7. Poor memory – Too little sleep can cause you to forget things quickly. Weight gain – When we are tired, we often feel hungry and munch on unhealthy foods because we misunderstand the brain trying to send us a signal that we are sleepy.
  8. Premature death – Since lack of sleep causes a greater risk of injury and health problems, those with too little sleep could suffer from all of the above ailments and their risk of cardiovascular disease is doubled.
  9. Impairs judgement – Too sleepy to think clearly? You may be at risk for poor judgement, even when it comes to getting more sleep. The less you get, the less you may believe you need.

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